About Me

I believe that people have the power to achieve great things. In fact I know this. I also know that life has its moments when we get overwhelmed. These are times when we need support, creative ideas and someone to listen. This is what I do.

My role is to help you connect with your own innate wisdom. As issues unfold, organic solutions begin to emerge. I hold space for change while gently encouraging you to stretch, and explore. What it is that you really want? I encourage you dream big. Working together, we can discover resources to help.

These days you will find me employed  as a Program Manager and therapist  with Lutheran Community Services Northwest.  I also have a private practice  in Portland.  Process Work, (also known as Process Oriented Psychology) Hypnotherapy and Stress Management are tools I use to assist clients who are having difficulties.  My years as a mental health worker, my studies in Philosophy, Metaphysics and Psychology, along with my training in Hypnotherapy, NLP and the HeartMath® System have given me solid skills for helping  clients with transitions.

My approach is to bring  awareness, compassion, generosity of spirit and deep concern for my clients’ well being. I am honored to assist you with change work and gently hold the trust and responsibility that you place in my hands.

Be Well ~

Mary Joy MA Dipl, PW CHt