Stress Management

In 2006, while working as a corporate manager in Long Term Care, I came across a book called The HeartMath Solution. Next to it was this quote, “This book could save you years of therapy.” Deepak Chopra, MD. This sounded like something I wanted to look into. I began by ordering several books and then purchased a hand held device to help me monitor my progress with stress management.  I discovered that HeartMath is  about breathing to reduce stress.  The Institute of HeartMath® has  developed natural programs for stress management that are scientific and  easy to learn. HeartMath® techniques include strategies for dealing with sleep issues, managing emotions, hypertension, and improving sports and overall well being. HeartMath® has also created tools that can monitor and track personal progress through the use of PC technology and personal hand held devices. I earned my license as a Licensed HeartMath® Provider in 2008. I work with clients individually teaching HeartMath® methods for stress management. I personally use HeartMath® regularly in my own life to nurture emotional resiliency and well being.

HeartMath® is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath