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PEDIATRIC HYPNOSIS ~ A Natural Alternative for Children

Pediatric Hypnosis ~ a Natural Alternative

Today I met with a young girl who is entering Junior HS next month. Her parents wanted her to have a few sessions to help her feel more comfortable with the change in schools so that she would feel confident and excited rather than apprehensive and worried. We worked on her fears together and before she left she laughingly reported that she loves it that there is never any pressure to be a certain way when she comes in for her appointment with me.

Listening to her, I was reminded about how children pick up on so much that is going on around them. They often worry about things, words said or unspoken, often trying to deal with things that are not even their problems. Helping children develop resources to build confidence, self esteem, and focus is very meaningful for me. With the pressures of school, grades, physical changes, competitive sports, social media, and feeling accepted, the stress that children face can be just as challenging as that of adults. Pediatric Hypnosis can help children become more resilient, more able to handle this stress.

Hypnosis comes easily to children. Children love to daydream. It is a fluid, natural state for them. The power of their imagination makes it easy for children to reach deeper levels of trance. Fairy Tales, stories, puppets and games can help a child to follow a path of suggestion while feeling safe and protected. For older children… and for inner child work with adults… sharing and giving voice to treasured dreams and desires evokes the imagination, the doorway between the conscious and unconscious mind. This then creates a space for change and allows for emotional growth.

Images of brightly colored lights, magic wands, special learning hats, or enchanted kingdoms are metaphors that can be easily drawn into a child’s mind. These symbols then become resources to integrate into daily life. These resources are carried into future situations by the child, who has already rehearsed an upcoming event. They can then face their fear in the world with more confidence and some new tools to help them. For children of any age, this can feel magical.

Building confidence and concentration, improving study habits, sports performance, dealing with loss, fears and relationships are all issues that can be helped through the use of hypnotherapy. Hypnotic suggestion is fueled by imagination and children have a talent in this area that is very powerful. Hypnosis can teach them how to focus this talent to bring more confidence and happiness into their lives.

Mary Joy is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists in Pediatric Hypnosis.

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