Welcome to The Tao of Change

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Are you feeling unhappy or challenged by events happening in your world?  Maybe you are looking for support to help you make a change.  Or maybe you don’t know what is wrong but things are not working out for you and you don’t know where to turn.  Changes can be opportunities for growth and transformation but these opportunities, can sometimes feel pretty scary or unsettling. Though I believe that it is actually easier to work on our problems than to ignore them, when feeling unsure, we may just want to pull the covers over our head, turn on the TV, open a box of chocolates or do all three!

However as we often discover in hindsight, problems can also be incredible opportunities.   Processwork theory maintains that even a disturbing situation can carry seeds of growth and knowledge. Problems can be a gateway to cultivating inner wisdom leading us to greater wholeness and happiness. Perhaps your challenge carries a hidden gift within it, a seed of promise. Let’s talk about how we can work together to discover the possibilities that are emerging within you.

Listen carefully… Something inside is calling….

When I hear that sound, I close my  eyes and    feel  a shimmering moment of wholeness. …I want to stretch out and touch the stars… maybe even sail in uncharted waters. There is something I yearn for and this time, I want to go for it!

Not everyone hears this calling. But you do. And I do…
It’s the sound of change waiting to happen.