In 2009, I discovered Process Work, Process Oriented Psychology. I was curious about the work of Arnold Mindell, PhD, a Jungian Analyst who along with Amy Mindell, PhD, developed Process Work while living in Zurich in the 1970’s. “Process Work is an innovative approach to individual and collective change that brings psychology, group dynamics, spirituality and creative expression together in a single paradigm.” Process Work is taught and studied throughout the world and is continually evolving. Some of the roots of Process Work include Jungian psychology, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, and Shamanism.  In 2011,  I received my Certificate in Process Work and later I completed my MA and became a Diplomat, joining in the International Community of Process Oriented Psychology.  One of the things that particularly inspires me about this paradigm, is that the therapist follows the process of each individual.  Clients are viewed on a spectrum rather than through a lens of pathology.   We are working towards wholeness and learning about parts of ourselves that have been marginalized.  This creates a very curious and creative focus that encourages growth at the client’s own pace.