Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming

Life offers us many paths for learning. I have been helping people through transitions for over twenty five years. I began my study of hypnotherapy while working at the Mental Health Center, in Boulder Colorado. I had the good fortune to meet and study with John G. Watkins PhD, a psychologist known for his work in clinical hypnosis, particularly Ego State Therapy. That same year, I was introduced to the amazing work of Dr. Milton Erickson. While living in Boulder, I studied with other mental health professionals, practiced hypnotherapy and taught classes on Self Hypnosis. I have a degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado and an MA in psychology  from the Process Work Institute.   I also hold a QMHP (qualified mental health professional) certification, from the State of Oregon.

More recently, my studies in Portland have been with Apositiva (2002) Hypnotherapy/ NLP; Inner Active Communications, Beverly Martin (2010) NLP, and Kona University (2011} Hypnotherapy.  In 2015, I  studied with Dr. Stephen Gilligan,  a student of Milton Erickson.    I am a member of and Board Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapy. Though I work with people of all ages, I have specialized training and certification in pediatric hypnosis from the National Guild. I believe that hypnosis can create a powerful state to support focus, creativity, change and well being.